forty minutes of quality Delta Blues  from Dave and his Epiphone resonator. Twelve tracks, eleven of which are delta classics the other no less of a classic, Peter Greens 'world keeps on turning'. Robert Johnson gets a good seeing too over four tracks but it's the second and third track which best show Dave's qualities. 'Empire State Express' and 'Out on the western plain' are well known through dear departed Mr Gallagher's playing and Dave gives us a superb rendition of both. I particularly like 'The World Keeps On Turning' as Dave  keeps the main theme alive whilst  putting his own stamp  on the piece as he does with all the tracks. Woody Guthrie's 'Vigilante Man is given the treatment it deserves, deep and soulful. This is a very personal sounding album played totally in the right spirit.  

Travelin' Riverside Blues 

2000 Studio Solo Resophonic Album