Long Time Gone 

 2007 Best Of Compilation Album 

‚ÄčBlues Matters magazine  issue 38

"Long Time Gone" features 18 tracks, culled from twenty years of gigging. The songs, picked by Ellis himself, range from Stevie ray Vaughan's Pride an' Joy to Robert Johnson's Walking Blues, the full spectrum covered by a band who have gained a deserved reputation for delivering, and delivering goes to the heart of the Dave Ellis Blues band.  A life spent on the road has not only given it's members a clear idea of what they, as musicians do well but also what the audience expects. One of the beauties of Long Time Gone is derived from so much of it being live, Boogie Chillen/ La Grange is an epic that takes on a life of it's own. Many of the recordings on this album are barely above bootleg quality and the better for it. Liquor Store Blues, with its crowd noise and uneven sound, provides the peak of the album, a true live performance by musicians who love what they do.  The Blues isn't meant to be pristine or  perfect, it's about guts and heart- The Dave Ellis Band displays plenty of both.

Michael Mee