Issue 38

Dave Ellis 'Dallas In Four' demonstrates perfectly why the Blues is lovingly handed down from one generation to generation. On an album that is predominantly covers-only the title track is an original-Ellis has done nothing more than inject his own passion for the music. In so doing he has made Robert Johnson's 'Phonograph Blues' and the traditional 'Motherless Child' amongst others, all his own. The Blues is delightfully rough and ready, almost as if it were plucked from some field recording made a century ago-this is the Blues in its most natural, powerful and evocative form, but it takes a great deal of skill and pure talent to make music that sounds as homespun and then make it work so well. Ellis is clearly a talented guitarist and his voice, while not the most powerful instrument on show, is an honest vehicle for some classics, he manages to form and maintain an instant bond with the listener.

Dallas In Four

2007 Studio Solo Resophonic Album